FAQ's & Policies


Please make arrangements to have payment on the day of our appointment. Payments by
cash, check or Paypal are preferred, Square payments are now accepted. Please note there is an additional
2.75% charge for using Square.


Many of my clients are busy and I certainly sympathize. Unfortunately if too many appointments
changed or cancelled, my own schedule becomes unmanageable and I may be unable to
schedule another client on short notice. 

Cancellations must be made 3 days in advance of our appointment. Cancellations less than 3
days in advance incur a $85 cancellation
fee. If you or an immediate family member living
within the home is sick, I waive
the cancellation fee one time per household. Multiple cancellations
(3 or more) are not encouraged and work agreement
may cease at my discretion. I hold myself
to a strict attendance policy. Rest assured I will only
cancel with you if it is a dire situation.

+   +   +  

What do I need to do before the session?

Nothing! Please do not clean up before I come over for a consulation. I will not pass judgement
on the clutter, 
I’m here to help and I need to see what’s functioning (or not functioning) in the
space to do that.

 What are your hours of operation?
7 days a week from 9am-6pm. In a time crunch? I will do make exceptions and will do my
very best to make it happen.

Who will be working with me?

I will be working with you one on one focusing all my energy and attention on your project. 

Will you make me throw my things away?

I have no desire to force anyone to part with things they truly value! The final decision on anything
we do is up to you
and I will always respect your comfort level. Change is a process and if you
choose to move towards a more minimal
lifestyle, it will likely happen in stages.

Is it okay if my kids are here while we work?

I want our time to be as efficient and productive as it can be and to provide you with the maximum
value. With this in mind, 
I recommend in-home childcare or a time when kids are away for the most
focused work environment. That said, 
the final decision is up to you.

Will you shop for organization products for me?

Yes. I charge a fee of just $25 an hour during travel time to and from stores, tolls, and then my
regular rate while in the store. 
The Container Store's online ordering system where they package
purchases for easy pick up at store locations
(called "click and pick") is also a good option for busy
clients who want to shop themselves.

Do you work outside of San Francisco?

Yes. I will travel up to 1 hour and 15 minutes each way. I do require a minimum of 4-5 hours each
session in order to travel this far.

Am I ready to get organized?

It takes commitment to finish anything worthwhile. I ask that you be as willing as I am to see the
project through to completion. 
Please schedule follow up appointments within a reasonable amount
of time after our first session
to maintain momentum.

Are our meetings confidential?

Yes. Absolutely. 

Do you take before and after pictures and if so how are they used?

I document all of my jobs and sometimes post them (without names of course) on my website,
social networking platforms, 
and promotional materials. I sometimes identify jobs by neighborhood.
If you do not want me to use photos of your space, 
please let me know and I will not use them.

Do you tip a Professional Organizer?

No but the best tip of all is a positive review on Yelp, Golden Gate Mothers Group or a referral!

What's the difference between a Professional Organizer and a Housekeeper?

It's hard to invest in something you've never experienced before and many people are new to Professional
Organizing. They may mistakenly assume that an organizer is going to simply clean. As a Professional Organizer
and Design Consultant I draw from years of experience in space planning, design and organizing techniques.
I see the big picture of what’s not working in the space and offer creative solutions that can completely transform
the space, not just clean things back into a faulty system. It might take a leap of faith to try my service, but I am
confident you will see it's value once we work together.

Do you work on non-residential spaces?

Not at this time.

Will you take my items to Goodwill?

Yes! I will take any items I can reasonably fit into my Kia in one trip and deposit items at Goodwill free of charge.
I bring your donation slip to our next appointment. I will also sometimes recycle soft plastic bags and batteries to
Cole Hardware. Bags must be checked to ensure everything inside is meant for donation.